See Allah In His dream what should he do

See Allah in his dream what should he do

See Allah In His dream what should he do ,”If anyone wants to see Allah in his dream what should he do ,” Imam Hanbal (Rehmatullah alaih) saw Allah 199 times in his or her dream. He enquired 199 times identical question via Allah. If anyone really wants to see Allah throughout his aspiration what must he carry out?

Allah gave identical answer 199 times.

“He ought of do chast salah….. (salah that you just read after the sun has come up.. usually around 10 –11am) in addition to read that dua 13 times at chast salah and keep on doing that.

Here is the dua:

“Bismillah hirrahma nirrahim. Allah huma safferid dunya end up being aa yo nena veterans administration
azzim jalalaka fi kulube na. Allah humme vaf fikna the mer daate ka veterans administration sab bitna
ala diineka veterans administration taa ate ka”

Bismillah is part of the dua

You will discover minimum 5 rakat in addition to maximum 12 rakat within this salah. Easiest way to undertake it is study surah shams throughout first rakat, surah lail throughout second rakat, surah wad duha throughout third rakat in addition to surah alim nashrah throughout 4th rakat. Remaining portion of the rakat study aytal kursi one time and surah ikhlas 3 x.

If an individual dont learn the surahs next just study surah ikhlas 3 x in most rakat.

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