Wazifa To Cure All Diseases

Wazifa To Cure All Diseases

Wazifa To Cure All Diseases

In the midst of sunnet and fard of fajr Salah Read Surah Fatiha 41 times For any situation, each time you read you will join bismillah with Surah Fatiha like this Bismillah hir rahman nir rehi mil hamdo lilah empower rabbil aalimeen Here I have joined the entire of “bismillah with the alhamdolillah. So it propels toward getting the opportunity to be MIL. by then you will emphasize “ar rehman nir rehim” … ..3 times in addition, go over “iyya ka nabudu wa iyya ka nastaeen” … ..3 times furthermore, amin 3 times.

For each illness each hajat it works like fire. For a broad assortment of tribulations do a dam (blow) on a glass of water and offer it to the patient. He will get well inside days. It is exceedingly outlandish that the malady won’t be cured. Its Guaranteed. I have tried on several patients and scolded a few people. Each got well.

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Proceed until the point when the patient gets well. wazifa to cure all maladies 4 Prophet(Sallal laho alaihe wa aalehi wa sallam) said … “I swear for Allah who has my life in his grasp that any individual who will read Surah Fatiha, Ayetal Kursi, Surah Ikhlas, Surah Falak, Surah Nas every last one of the 70 times each, on rain water and do a dam(blow) on it… and drink just that water for 7 days , Allah won’t just expel all distresses from his body yet even from his bones.Everyone tolerantly do this wazifa and drink the water for 7 days reliable and no other water. See the central focuses yourself.

You can’t utilize this water for cooking or warmth it up. It must be intoxicated usually and certification you don’t drop even a drop on the floor. Drink unquestionably.

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