Shohar Ke Liye | Wazifa For Very Bad Husband

Wazifa For Very Bad Husband

Shohar Ke Liye | Wazifa For Very Bad Husband

There are hundreds of marriage related problems that millions of women are facing in their lives. Most of them, just keep trying to learn how to live with such problems, they keep making sacrifices but get nothing in the end, some of them end up getting a divorce while a few even end up committing suicides but a few change their lives too. How? What is so special they are doing than the rest of others? It is because of their unbreakable faith on Allah subhan wa taalah and on the Islamic nuskhe told in the Holy book – the Quran.

Yes, there are many important and effective Qurani amal, taweez and totke known by our learned and proficient Islamic astrologer or munjam which can help you in getting bad husband or you can make your shohar good and obedient. If your shohar is aggressive or he drinks and beats you then you must try to get the best and strong zalim shohar ka in order to change him. This wazifa will melt your shohar’s heart for you and it will turn your husband into a good shohar or ye wazifa apke shohar ko apkaa dewana bana dega.

Shohar Ki Laparwahi Khatam Karne Ki Dua

If your shohar doesn’t loves and care about you the way you want him to do, then the shohar ki laparwahi khatam karne will certainly help you out. It will increase the love and care that your shohar has for you. He will ask for your suggestions in every important matter. Respect you and your family. He will care for feelings more. This shohar ki laparwahi khatam karne ki dua will help you in changing the mind of your husband and he will start spending more time with you and kids.

Powerful Wazifa To Improve A Bad Husband 

Here is a tried and completely wazifa to improve bad husband 

  • The best time for this wazifa, is between after the namaz of Maghrib and before the namaz of esha.
  • Take a red rose bud and recite the below given Ayat over it for 400 times.
  • Now, keep the flower next to husband’s pillow.

Ayat – Kul na yana ru kunee bardan rasalam aalay ibda uh yam.  

Practice, this above given Wazifa to improve bad husband for next 21 days (do not create a gap). It will start showing its effect in 2 days. If not, then contact us immediately via call, text message, E-mails, or book a face to face meeting.

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